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Writing Stories With ChatGPT

I enjoy writing very short stories and often join in with the daily #vss365 word prompt on Twitter.

Here is a question for you? Of the three stories below, which was written entirely by me, which was written entirely by ChatGPT and which one did ChatGPT and I collaborate on?

The sky was filled with stars, but as Ben looked closer he saw they were eyes. The stars blinked and whispered secrets in a language he couldn’t understand. Suddenly the eyes started to fall like rain and he opened his mouth to catch them, they were tears galore.

His right eye was a muddy yellow, not uncommon. But, his left eye was a bright blue. This was rare, very rare. I had to have it for my collection. Scooping it out while he was still alive would be difficult, but essential if I was to maintain the quality of the colour.

The history of my life as a shadow is one of constant fear and uncertainty. I am a being of darkness, a whisper in the night. I have seen the birth and death of civilizations. But my existence is not one of joy or wonder, it is one of malice and manipulation.

And, my final question – does it matter?

Mike Jackson


A writer of short stories.

I look forward to reading your comments

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