A Few Haiku

new wife
beginning to resemble
the old one

a crack in the wall
lets the light in
and more

a new stepdad –
hate him

didn’t believe
you’d jump –


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The Grey Man


Hey it wasn’t my fault! What was he doing in our neighbourhood anyway? Don’t get me wrong, us Yellows, we’re not snobs. It’s just … well you don’t see many of his sort round here. I bumped into him when I came out of the gym, in fact he tried to talk to me. I ignored him of course, who wouldn’t. I mean, come on, you never know who might be watching. What if one of the neighbours had seen me chatting with a Purple or someone from work? No, I wasn’t going to take the chance. Sure, he didn’t look too good, the colour was definitely fading from his face, but how was I know he was having a colour attack. Someone said that when the medics found him it was too late, he was completely grey. He’ll be a Grey now for the rest of his life, poor sod. I feel guilty, course I do. If I’d called the colour paramedics, chances are they could have saved him but how was I to know. Maybe I should’ve talked to him, offered him some help … but don’t forget he was only a Purple.


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Adam & Eve




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Portal E48



“Well Captain, where did it happen?”

“Portal E48, sir. We’ve had it under surveillance for some time now. There had been reports of irregular comings and goings.”

“… and?”

“Well, sir, we received information that a crossing was planned for last night. Unfortunately my men were seen before they could make the interception. The creature simply dissolved through the grid. By the time we got there all that was left was this shoe.”

“I want that shoe thoroughly investigated, Captain. We need to find out all we can about these humans before we send any of our people into their world.”


Another 100 word story for Friday Fictioneers

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Visiting Time

hands-981400_1920“Are you warm enough Dad?”

I need to say something.
Anything to help the minutes tick by. 

You smile.

“What about a drink Dad?
A cup of tea?” 

I desperately try to fill that awkward silence. 

I know you won’t reply.
You never do. 

We sit there.
Saying nothing. 

You smile. 

“I’m off then Dad.”

A sense of relief.
My duty done for another day.
You don’t even notice I’m going.

You smile

I wave goodbye, for conventions sake.
But it doesn’t mean anything.
Not  anymore. 

You smile.

But it’s not for me.
It’s merely something you do now.

Smile to hide your confusion and fear.


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My Bone Or Yours?



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Preparing The Vegetables

knife-464879_1920He found her in the kitchen talking quietly to the broccoli,
leaving the carrots whispering to one another. 

In the far corner he noticed some newly arrived sprouts,
huddled together, nervously watching on. 

He ambled over and started chatting,
trying to put them at their ease. 

Unfortunately they’d just witnessed the cauli
being dropped into a pan of boiling water 

They’d been brought in from the garden that morning
and had never witnessed the horrors of a kitchen before. 

His heart went out to the poor things,
they had no idea what lay in store for them.


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The Spoils Of War

divorce-156444_1280The divorce is over.
The spoils of their marriage divided equally.
Now it’s just me they’re fighting over. 

Dad wants me with him.
Says I shouldn’t stay with ‘that hateful bitch’. 

Mum says I’d be better off with her
and there’s no way she’s letting ‘that deceitful bastard’ have me. 

The court tells me I’m old enough to make up my own mind. 

They’re wearing me out,  all of them.
I’ve had enough.

I’ve left a note.
Asking that my ashes be put into two small urns.
One for each of them.


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More Postcard Fiction


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In The Name Of Progress



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