The Planning Committee


I’m sorry Mr. Jones but they will not do. I’ve been through your planning application and no mention was ever made about putting two modern windows into your build. Had you simply left them as holes in the cliff face, or even partially covered them with a few branches and shrubs, I’m sure the planning committee would have been more understanding. What you’ve done is a blot on the landscape and totally unacceptable. Appendix two, paragraph forty three is quite clear about what can and cannot be done regarding cliff faces. Just imagine, Mr. Jones, what people travelling back home from their holidays are going to think when they see two, large modern windows staring back at them from the white cliffs of Dover. I’m extremely sorry Mr. Jones, but if those windows aren’t removed in the next seven days then the planning committee will have no alternative than to issue you with P347 and then you will be obliged to take the whole cliff down and start again from scratch.


A short story for Sunday Photo Fiction.

Embracing Change


“But mum, are you sure about this?”

“Trust me my son, the old ways are the best. This is what my mother used to do to me and her mother to her. It will hurt a little bit, but it will be worth it.”

”But mum, all my friends say we should stop following the old ways and start to embrace modern ideas.”

You shouldn’t always listen to your friends, my son. They are ignorant of our ways.”

“But mum, cousin Leon said that Aunty Nadra stopped using the stick a long time ago.”

“OK, if you insist, we’ll do it Aunty Nadra’s way.  I’ll pop down to the chemist and get a nit comb and some nit shampoo. But I’m telling you Billy, that stuff smells horrible and all your friends will know you’re using it. Are you sure you don’t want me to just hit them with my stick every time they jump?”


A 150 word story for VisDare.

Moon Balloon


This week’s photo prompt is provided by TJ Paris.


“This is it Billy. This is what is going to make me and you famous my friend.”

“OK Jimmy. What exactly is it?”

“It’s a Moon Ballon, mate. It’ll take us into space. The bloke who sold it to me said it’s what Chinese astronauts use.”

“And how exactly does it work?”

“It’s dead easy. It’s even got some instructions. Look.”

“But Jimmy, they’re in Chinese.”

“Not a problem mate. The chap who sold it to me had a cousin who worked in a Chinese restaurant. According to him it just says we need a basket and a big gas bottle. The rest is self explanatory.”

“What we waiting for then, Jimmy? Let’s get going.”

Later that week there were reports of an unidentified flying object being seen in the night sky. Government sources said that the object had been destroyed when it had failed to respond to all radio communication.



A short story for this week’s prompt at Flash fiction For Aspiring Writers.


PHOTO PROMPT © Sandra Crook

“What’s happened Joe?”

“Not sure mate. Someone says the idiot in the car wouldn’t slow down. Seems he hit the old ewe, Matilda. You know, her with the dodgy back legs. She never stood a chance.”

“Then what? I just heard the screams. That’s when I started running.”

“Seems the driver leant out of the car screaming at everyone to get out of his way. Started honking his horn. There was panic. That’s when that fiery young lamb, Jake leapt at him and tore off his arm. Blood everywhere.”

“What now Joe?”

“Don’t know mate. Best we just keep running.”


A 100 word story for Friday Fictioneers