We stood huddled in a small group and watched as the rain danced on the coffin lid. Despite the lousy weather, we’d all come to make sure you were really dead. Anthony, eyes lowered, was remembering the daily beatings you had given him. I wrapped an arm around his shoulders as memories of your nightly visits to my room forced their way back into my mind. According to our old neighbours you illness had given you a lot of pain over the last six months. Something I was heartened to hear. We’re so glad your no longer with us Dad.


My Drabble Project – Day 27 Story 87



Baby Bear had refused to eat his breakfast saying he was fed up with porridge every morning. Mummy Bear, whose culinary skills were limited, was at a loss as to what else she could cook for her family. So Daddy Bear had been sent out into the forest to find them something different for their breakfast. There was a loud scraping noise outside and the front door of their small cottage burst open. There was Daddy Bear dragging a bedraggled Goldilocks behind him. Mummy Bear got out her recipe book wondering if the girl would taste better fried or boiled.


My Drabble Project – Day 27 Story 86



The fields at the edge of our garden were covered in daisies, huge man-eating flowers. According to the latest news bulletin they were slowly but surely covering the entire planet. The Autumn winds were helping the dispersal of their seeds. Germination was almost instantaneous and their lust for blood accelerated their growth.  I watched as a swathe of seeds were blown in our direction. Within minutes our back garden was awash with sprouting plants, long green tendrils writhing across the ground towards the house.  We sat huddled together upstairs knowing there was nothing we could do to stop them.


My Drabble Project – Day 27 Story 85

Is This The One?


The dating agency was called ‘Leave It To Us’. Their offices, while a little dowdy were clean and the woman who took my details reminded me of my Aunty Mabel – not someone to mess with.  She assured me that they would take care of everything and finding my ideal partner would take no time at all. So here I am, sat in the pub waiting for the girl of my dreams. As soon as she came through the door I saw the red rose pinned to her coat. I quickly tore mine from my lapel and raced for the exit.


My Drabble Project – Day 27 Story 84



I chose her because she is a typical young teenage girl, obsessed by how she looks. She is very pretty and spends hours in front of her bedroom  mirror checking for any unwanted spots or blackheads. What I particularly like is the speedy way she removes any such blemishes as soon as they appear. Ideal for what I need. Tomorrow I will appear as a large white spot on the tip of her nose. She will be mortified. Once she squeezes me my incubation period will be over. As I emerge from my cocoon,  she will be my first meal.


My Drabble Project – Day 26 Story 83

Talking Books 


Just borrowed this talking book from the library. It’s amazing what technology can do today. The librarian got quite excited as she talked me through what it can do. It looks like a normal book but when you open it up the page talks to you. To stop it you simply close the book. At the moment they have a limited choice of titles but I managed to get hold of an Agatha Christie – ‘The Murder At The vicarage’. I’ve had it a week now. To begin with it was great but now I can’t shut the bloody thing up!


My Drabble Project – Day 26 Story 82



I heard her again last night, whispering in the shadows. Still couldn’t quite make out what she was saying, though I can guess. I’ve tried asking her what she wants but she ignores my questions. Despite all my efforts I can’t stop the incessant  whispers. She’s called me by name, more than once. A familiarity in her voice. The form she takes is translucent, constantly moving and shimmering. There’s no face to talk of but I know who she is, of course I do. I just wish now I’d cut her tongue out before I buried her in the basement.


My Drabble Project – Day 26 Story 81