The Mutant Ball

“You’ve got to go, Billy.  Everyone will be there. You can’t miss the Mutant Ball.”

“Not sure mate, think I might stand out too much. Look at me. Apart from this third eye, you’d say I looked almost human.”



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Say Cheese!

I’m going to be in so much trouble! I’ve watched dad do it loads of times and it always seemed so easy. Point the camera, get the person to say ‘cheese’ and press the little button on the top. Photo taken.  That was all there was to it. So how come it didn’t work for me? I wonder if it’s because Maisie pulled a silly face instead of saying cheese? That’s sisters for you, never can do things properly. But even so, there shouldn’t have been that puff of green smoke. That never happens with dad. Then there’s Maisie. One moment she’s standing their pulling faces, next moment she’s gone! Disappeared! I’m sure she’s in here somewhere. Problem is, I don’t know what button to press to get her back out again. Dad’s going to kill me!


A story for VisualDare

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Early Morning Dip


I can feel the warmth of the early morning sun on my back. The water around my ankles is freezing and I’m tempted to run back out. Instead I carry on, knowing my body will get used to the cold the further in I wade. My legs feel numb as the waves splash against my chest. I resist the temptation to turn round and look back at the empty beach where my carefully folded clothes and a note explaining why, are in a neat pile.


 Lillie McFerrin Writes

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‘He Didn’t Really Love Me’ – Shapeshifting 13

Frog Rock; Eastford, CT

Frog Rock; Eastford, CT

I thought he loved me. Last night we sat by the pond, talking of marriage and baby tadpoles. Today I find he’s already married. The bastard!


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Whispered words carried on the breeze. What shall I do with your secret?



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They Missed The Light.



This was their first clean up job and I was here to assess their efficiency. A clean bill of health from me and we’d use them again. I ran through my assessment form. First impressions were very good. Everything was extremely neat and tidy. Possibly too tidy? I made a note. Broken furniture had been suitably repaired or replaced. The body had been removed and there were no visible signs of blood on the floor, walls or ceiling. Hang on, what’s that? Shit! One of the lightshades covered in blood. Such a shame. I’d had high hopes for this team.


A 100 Word Story for Friday Fictioneers

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I Warned Her

Kept saying, “Leave the wardrobe doors open at night and the Chimera will get you.” She just laughed. Every night she’d leave the doors open. Every night I’d shut them. Last night I forgot. Woke up this morning and she’s gone. Strange thing is, the Chimera’s taken all her clothes as well.



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Aim High

My old man’s mantra, ‘Aim high, kid.’  When it came to women I never once reached his lofty expectations. That’s about to change. Been watching this one for weeks. She’s  classy, intelligent and beautiful. Just need to get her to notice me.



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Have You Seen This Man?


“Is that it?”

“‘Fraid so, Gov. Our artist has been working on this e-fit for hours”

“It’s not going to help us, Detective. This mugshot could be any one of a thousand fruit cases living in this city.”



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Dead or Alive?

“It wont bite you Jimmy. It’s dead. Dad brought it back from the last Colonial Wars. Says there were millions of them trying to invade Earth. Reckons they were tough to kill. He brought this one back and had it bolted down in our back yard as a souvenir. Says all his mates did the same. There must be thousands of these things up and down the country being used as garden ornaments.”

Jimmy stared at the creature. Was he the only one who could see it’s eyes moving and the slight twitch of its tail? This thing wasn’t dead.


100 Word Story for Friday Fictioneers

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