Weep Not

This week’s prompt from Haiku Horizons is ‘weep’

as they drag me off
I notice you do not weep –
did they pay you well


your eyes fill, you weep,
tears stream down your pretty face –
I still walk away


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What A Mess!

“Look what he’s done Billy! Sure made a mess of the bridge.”

“Hasn’t he just Jimmy. Never thought he had it in him.”

“Don’t think it was our fault do you Billy? I mean we did give him a hard time.”

“No, course not Jimmy. We were just mucking about. Teasing him like. How were we to know he’d take it so seriously. I mean, what’s the harm in a bit of tripping and trapping on an old bridge. Not our fault he was so grumpy and short of sleep.”

“I know Billy but we should’ve thought. You know how bad tempered these trolls can get.”

“Maybe you’re right Jimmy but it’s a bit late now and we’ve got more important things to worry about. Once this dust clears and he realises we’ve escaped he’ll be up here looking for us and he won’t be happy. Best we keep moving.”



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When The Daylight Returned

black-sunAs the royal magician I was charged with providing a spectacular ending to the king’s birthday celebrations. Blocking the light from the sun was no easy job. It took all of my powers to pull it off but the result was stupendous. In the darkness I beamed as I heard squeals of delight from the room full of guests. Then came that long, piercing scream. As I rushed to revoke the spell I felt someone push something into my hand. When the daylight returned the king was dead. I stood beside him, a bloody knife dangling from my right hand.


This week’s prompt from 100 Word Challenge For Grown Ups ‘… when the daylight returned the king was dead …’



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I’m Sorry. So Sorry.

I watch from the edge of the forest, feelings of guilt engulf me. I hadn’t meant for this to happen, for you to get hurt. It was a dare, a silly piece of nonsense, nothing more. I thought you could run as fast as me, honest, I didn’t mean to leave you. I pray your screams will end soon.



Lillie McFerrin Writes
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“Let’s start a zoo,” he’d said.

“Yeah, what a great idea,” I’d replied.

As usual he hadn’t been listening, not properly listening. The daft sod mistook my irony for enthusiasm and here we are. Of course it’s muggins here that does all the work.

You’ll never find him with a shovel, knee-deep in elephant shit. Oh no, he’s too good for all that. Got his own uniform and a peaked cap. Spends all day by the front gate welcoming the paying guests and chatting up that blond tart he’s got working in Reception. No doubt he’s plying her with a skinny latte and a chocolate éclair right now. While I’m lucky to find the time for a quick fag and a mug of tea.

On top of all that I get lumbered with the misfits. Take young Jumbo here for example. Silly bugger thinks I’m his mother.



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Harem Reject

Look at them! Strutting around like peacocks, hoping to get noticed, desperate to become part of his harem. I pity the poor things that get chosen. Within a week the Count will have sucked them dry and cast them aside without a second thought. Then they’ll end up like me, a withered old crone, forgotten, insignificant,  only fit to wash his socks and hoover his coffin.



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And You Are?

old man on benchThe policewoman took me gently by the arm and asked, “What’s your name sir?” A simple enough question I thought, not difficult and certainly worthy of an answer. It’s on the tip of my tongue, no don’t help me, I’ve got it – Jim, that’s right it’s Jim, Jim Smith, or is it? Wait a minute, on second thoughts it might be Mike, or maybe it’s Peter … mind you Percy seems to ring some kind of bell. No officer, I’m sorry, you’re going to have to help me out, ‘What is my name?’



Lillie McFerrin Writes
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Whose Idea Was This?

Another one of your daft ideas. “Let’s have a walking holiday,” you said, “It’ll be great, just the two of us.” Never thought to ask me what I wanted. Next thing I know you’re off buying boots and poles; a tent and a backpack. I knew it wouldn’t end well. Look at us. You marching off down another endless, dusty track and me trudging along behind you. I’m telling you now, next year we’re going back to normal. You can have your week on a sunny beach somewhere, while I’ll be in some luxury kennels where I’m pampered and appreciated.


Another 100 word story for Friday Fictioneers

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I Am Vampire

daytime sleeper
darkness creeper

neck nibbler
red-eyes starer

shape shifter
garlic avoider

agile mover
reluctant swimmer

sharp fangs owner
red blood dribbler

no shadow caster
human watcher

sunshine snoozer
moonlight mover


This poem is made up of ‘kennings’ and is based on the poem below called ‘I Am Hamster’

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Call Me Old Fashioned

He was a fanatic, of that there was no doubt. Some, secretly admired him, others thought him crazy. Most of us had moved on, adapted to the modern age in which we lived, but not him. While we happily got our daily intake of blood in four litre cartons from the local supermarket he insisted on staying true to the old ways – hunting humans at night.



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