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Chicken Paste Sandwiches

I stood behind the tree, hands in my pocket, collar pulled up high. Would I ever get used to these miserable Earth winters? I doubted it. I’d asked for my next assignment to be somewhere warmer but my request had gone unheeded.

I looked across at the white car where my next victim sat. James Peterson – a lowly civil servant who regularly took to his car at lunchtime to eat his chicken paste sandwiches and drink lukewarm coffee from a flask.

James was a loner. No friends. No family. The ideal host.

By midnight his body would be my new home.


Picture courtesy of Dale Rogerson

Another 100-word story for Friday Fictioners.

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Yours For Just £100

As I said in my e-mail Mr Jones I’ve got this stuff I need to shift. The youngest is moving back home and we need the space. You can see I’ve collected some interesting stuff over the years. Take those windows back there, portals they are, programmed to take you anywhere in the universe. In fact, I’ve got one at the back that’s an entrance to a parallel universe. Then there’s my pride of joy, the lavatory. Straight from Hogwarts. Even comes with its own ghost. All yours for just £100 and I’ll throw in the bath for free.


Another 100-word story for this week’s prompt from Friday Fictioneers.

Photo Prompt © What’s His Name

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Who’s For A New Body?

“Look, Tommy, I’ve told you before, when I’m with my friends I don’t want you hanging around. Haven’t you got any heads your age you can play with?”

“But mum said you’re supposed to look after me. If you make me go away I’ll cry.”

Janey looked at her two friends.

“I don’t suppose you two have got any bright ideas as to how to get rid of an annoying brother?”

“We could push him off the shelf,” said Amy, “And watch him roll across the floor and out of the door.”

“Or,” said Stephanie, a wicked grin appearing on her face, “We could give him to those legs over there and let them use him as a football.”

“On the other hand,” piped in Amy, “We could sell him to the wicked witch who lives on the shelf above us to put in her cauldron to make spells.”

Tommy’s tears and the girls’ laughter were silenced when a small man wearing a large brown apron walked into the room. Standing in front of them he said,

“Right my children, which of you is ready for a brand new body with matching arms and legs?”

The heads smiled hopefully.


200-word story for this week’s prompt at Sunday Photo Fiction.

Photo courtesy of J Hardy Carroll

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Gran’s Coming To Live With Us

“Well, mum, which one do you fancy? Remember it’s going on the mantelpiece at our house, not yours so go with one of the bigger ones if you want. Don’t worry about the colour. Just choose the one you like and we’ll redecorate our front room to match.”

Gran looked at Dad and then at me. I shrugged my shoulders. Like her, I had no idea what we were doing here.

“What are they son?” asked Gran, “And why do I need one?”

“They’re urns mum. You’re going to need one – somewhere to stay when you move in with us.”


A 100-word story for this week’s prompt at Friday Fictioneers.

Photo courtesy of Sarah Ann Hall