Guava Juice 

“What you got there Jimmy?” “Guava juice mate.” “Guava juice! You’re drinking guava juice! Please tell me you’re joking.” “It’s no joke Billy. I’m telling you mate, this stuff is dynamite. You should try it, amazing stuff it is. One glass of this and the women in this place will be all over me. Watch.” […]


I Am Vampire

daytime sleeper darkness creeper neck nibbler red-eyes starer shape shifter garlic avoider agile mover reluctant swimmer sharp fangs owner red blood dribbler no shadow caster human watcher sunshine snoozer moonlight mover MikeJackson©2015 This poem is made up of ‘kennings’ and is based on the poem below called ‘I Am Hamster’


Trifecta 62 – What A Mouth!

A bit late this week with my offering for the Trifecta prompt. The word is ‘Mouth’ and the definition to be used is: 3: something that resembles a mouth especially in affording entrance or exit: as a) the place where a stream enters a larger body of water b) the surface opening of an underground […]