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The Moon, The Stars and The Sun

PHOTO PROMPT © Rochelle Wisoff-Fields

We stood in small groups, huddled close to one another, in the forlorn hope that this might help us, and we looked up at the sky. A loud voice echoed from behind the dark clouds that were blocking the sun’s warming rays.

“Oh my children!” it cried, “Why do you ignore me?”

We dropped to our knees, hands clasped together in prayer, eyes fixed on the ground.

“I took away your moon and stars in the hope it would bring you to your senses, but still you anger me. You leave me no choice. Tomorrow I take away your sun.”


A 100 word story for this week’s prompt from Friday Fictioneers.

‘Tomorrow’ – A 100 word Story

A lot of writers joining in with adding their 100 word stories to Friday Fictioneers’. Why not join them.


We stood huddled together in a field, a frightened crowd of men, women and children, watching through a gap in the clouds. The moon was definitely getting smaller.

“It’s happening then,” came a voice behind me, “They’re taking the moon, just like they said they would.”

“He’s right,” said a second person, “Yesterday they stole the sun, today it’s the moon. What will they do next?”

A fiercely bright light lit up the sky cutting short any further conversation. A voice emanated from the dark clouds and seemed to whisper to each of us,

“Make yourselves ready. Tomorrow I’m coming for you.”