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Today’s Warm​ Weather Looks Set To Continue

“Dad, why are all the people out there dressed in shorts and tee-shirts? You made us put our wellies and kagools on. You said it was going to rain.”

Dad, who was up front driving the bright yellow amphibious bus, didn’t answer.

Marjory, his wife, who was sat next to him, turned around in her seat and said, “Jeremy dear, don’t worry your father while he’s concentrating on getting us through this traffic. Go and make sure your sister has got her lifejacket on and then check none of the windows are open. When you’ve done that you could start to feed the animals, there’s a darling.”

Marjory turned back in her seat and stared out of the front window at the bright sun ahead of them. She looked across at her husband, “Looks like this fine spell is set to continue dear. If it gets any warmer we may have to open a window or two. Those animals are beginning to pong a bit.”

Noah frowned. According to his calculations, the rains and flooding should’ve have started by now.


A story for this week’s photo prompt at Sunday Photo Fiction.

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Tell Me Again Alf

The two large alien arachnids skulked in the shadows watching and waiting. Then the smaller of the two leaned across to the other and whispered,

“Tell me again Alf, how’s this going to work?”

“Dead simple Sam. When the human thing comes in here to put on his old boots his feet will be trapped in our webs. He won’t be able to move.”

“And then?”

“You start nibbling his right leg, I’ll have a go at the left. Well leave the arms and torso for lunchtime and the head will make a nice supper before bed. Are you ready?”


Photo courtesy of Sarah Potter

A 100 word story for Friday Fictioneers.

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Time For A Change


Another wet summer camping in Brittany. Every year we do this, every bloody year! I hoped, once the kids left home, we’d end this annual nightmare, but he won’t have it. Says he looks forward to meeting up with Maureen and Jim from Barnsley and Betty and Kenneth from Sidcup.

God, the thought of another year, sitting in a leaky tent, listening to Maureen from Barnsley go on about her delphiniums  and Kenneth from Sidcup bringing us up to date with his gallstones, is more than I can bear.

Maybe this year I really will throw myself overboard, mid-channel.


A 100 word story for this week’s prompt at Friday Fictioneers.

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Going Out


“We going out today Mabel?”

“Don’t think so George. I’ve had a quick peek up above and there was quite a frost last night. Looks like winter is on its way. You know how the cold gets into these decaying bones of mine. So I thought we’d stay in, make the most of this warm soil left over from those hot summer days we’ve had this year. Might go out tonight.”

“That would be nice love. We could sit on the bench the kids had dedicated to us and watch the stars. Just like we did when we were alive.”


A 100 word story for this week’s prompt from Friday Fictioneers.