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Is This The One?


The dating agency was called ‘Leave It To Us’. Their offices, while a little dowdy were clean and the woman who took my details reminded me of my Aunty Mabel – not someone to mess with.  She assured me that they would take care of everything and finding my ideal partner would take no time at all. So here I am, sat in the pub waiting for the girl of my dreams. As soon as she came through the door I saw the red rose pinned to her coat. I quickly tore mine from my lapel and raced for the exit.


My Drabble Project – Day 27 Story 84

Unrequited Love


He bathed in her beauty, adored the very ground she walked on. If only she knew. He watched her from afar, delighting in every little thing she did. Each day he prayed she might notice him, smile at him, thank him for the many flowers he sent her. She never did. He was content to watch and wait. Then ‘he’ came along. Tall, handsome, young. Why was she doing this? Couldn’t she see it was tearing him apart? He had to end this nightmare. They found him in her flat, bathed in her blood, the knife still in his hand.


My Drabble Project – Day 24, Story 74

Love Conquers All


Someone once told me love conquers all – what bullshit! It might have been love in the beginning, not sure, seems such a long time ago now. Still hard to believe he was the man who showered me with expensive presents, pampered me, whispered such sweet thoughts in my ear. Was it him or am I thinking of someone else? Surely the bastard who put me in A & E again last night, two cracked ribs and a black eye, can’t be the same person, can he? Wish I could find that man of my dreams again – wonder what happened to him?


My Drabble Project – Day 23, Story 69



The note simply said, ‘Meet me at midnight – usual place.’ I saw Mark in the distance, sat on our park bench under the brightly lit moon. My heart thumped as I ran towards him, eager to begin our new life together. It wasn’t until I reached the bench that I saw the pool of blood around his feet still dripping from a deep gash in his neck. As I stood there, looking down at the man I loved, I heard a familiar voice whisper, “You didn’t really think I was going to let you leave me my darling, did you?”



Day 14 of my Drabble Project
(100 x 100 word stories in the month of October).
Story 35.



I remember quite clearly telling you I didn’t do this ‘love’ thing. All that holding hands and kissing in public is abhorrent to me. I blame those awful books  and magazines you insisted on reading. Sentimental rubbish!  We were doing just fine until you went and mentioned the ‘L’ word. Next you would have had  me going for tea with your parents and then… well I shudder to think. I did consider simply walking away but you’d have only followed me, grinding me down with your adoration. In the end, killing you was the only choice left open to me.


Day 11 of my Drabble Project (100 x 100 word stories in the month of October).
Story 29.

The 12.24 To London


Where are you? 12 o’clock you said. Last night, in the park, holding hands, smothering me with your tender kisses, you promised me we’d do this thing together. You agreed. You told me you loved me. Wanted to be with me forever. So where are you? It’s almost time. The intercity train, the 12.24, the one that doesn’t stop. Two minutes from now it will come speeding through the station, just inches from where I’m standing, alone. No doubt you’ll have an excuse for not being here. You always do. Only this time, I wont be around to hear it.


Story 16 of my October Drabble Project (100 drabbles in a month)