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It Can’t Be

PHOTO PROMPT © Sandra Crook

“She’s in the third room along on the front sir.

“Good work Jones. We know this Goldilocks character is responsible for the Dumpty murder and the massacre of the Bear family and I’d bet my pension she knows what happened to the Gingerbread Man. All we need now is to find out who her boss is. Anybody with her?”

“Yes sir. The owner of the black car parked out front went up to her room five minutes ago. The car’s registered to a Miss Muffet.“

“Miss Muffet! It can’t be. What the hell is the head of MI6 doing here?”


A 100 word story for this week’s prompt over at Friday Fictioneers.



These things always happened to her. According to the story they weren’t due back yet. She was only half way through the porridge. She hadn’t yet got to the bit where she broke the chair or they found her in the youngsters bed. If only they’d kept to the script none of this would have happened. She’d panicked when Baby Bear had roared like that and shot him. When Mummy and Daddy Bear had rushed towards her she’d fired twice more.  Looking at the bloody mess on the kitchen floor she wondered if she had time to finish the porridge?


Day 9 of my Drabble Project. Story 24.