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It Can’t Be

PHOTO PROMPT © Sandra Crook

“She’s in the third room along on the front sir.

“Good work Jones. We know this Goldilocks character is responsible for the Dumpty murder and the massacre of the Bear family and I’d bet my pension she knows what happened to the Gingerbread Man. All we need now is to find out who her boss is. Anybody with her?”

“Yes sir. The owner of the black car parked out front went up to her room five minutes ago. The car’s registered to a Miss Muffet.“

“Miss Muffet! It can’t be. What the hell is the head of MI6 doing here?”


A 100 word story for this week’s prompt over at Friday Fictioneers.

It’s Snowing

PHOTO PROMPT © Sarah Potter

“It’s freezing out there Jimmy, and it’s started snowing. Why don’t we give it a miss and go down the pub instead.”

“No chance mate! The boss was insistent, said it had to be tonight, and what the boss says, we do.”

“Suppose so, but why tonight?”

“All to do with the weather Billy. Seems we’re in for the coldest night of the winter. By morning the lake will be frozen solid and will stay that way for weeks. That’s why we have to kill her tonight and get her body in that lake while we still can. You ready?”


Another 100 word story for this week’s prompt from Friday Fictioneers.

The Naughty Chair


“Billy, what is it with you? I’m forever telling you to clean your bedroom and still you take no notice. You know what this means?”

“No mum, please, not the chair.”

“It’s for your own good. Twenty minutes on the naughty chair will give you time to think about doing as your told.”

“But mum, last time I was on it that old crocodile was swimming around.”

“No buts Billy. Any more arguing and I’ll make it thirty minutes. And Billy … best you don’t dangle your feet in the water, that old croc gets real hungry this time of day.”


A 100 word story for this week’s Friday Fictioneers prompt.

Alien Invasion


“Sir! While you were out for lunch an alien leader contacted us. Wanted to talk to you.”

“Did he say what he wanted, Jenkins?”

“Something about planning to invade Earth later on today. Felt he ought to let you know in advance.”

“Jolly decent of him. Did he say when exactly?”

“He suggested some time this afternoon, sir.”

“This afternoon! Hellish inconvenient that. I’m playing golf with the PM. Give him a bell Jenkins, see if you can put him off for a day to two. What’s my diary looking like?”

“You’ve appointments all day tomorrow sir, but Wednesday morning is looking clear.”

“Wednesday it is then… and Jenkins, old man, keep this to yourself, don’t want to be worrying people too much.”




“You’re new here ain’t you? What you in for?”

“Failed the punctuation and grammar test at Year 6. Never could get my head round where them bloody apostrophes were supposed to go. Then there was the spelling test. I put all the answers down as text speak, seems like the examiner had no sense of humour, so I ended up with a six month sentence in this place.What about you?”

“I’m in for bland story writing and I failed the  mental arithmetic test. The judge said I was a disgrace and gave me two years, no chance of parole.”


Day 13 of my Drabble Project
(100 x 100 word stories in the month of October).
Story 34.

Dad’s Trolley

PHOTO PROMPT © Rochelle Wisoff-Fields


“Mum, come quick! The big people have found Dad’s shopping trolley and put it on their table next to two huge lights.”

“Oh my God! What about your Father? Any sign of him?”

“No Mum, just the trolley. Shall we go out and see if we can find him?”

“No! Whatever happens, we must stay here. It’s a trap. Those lights are there to lure us out.”

“And Dad? What about Dad?”

“Sorry kids, but if they’ve got his trolley it means they’ve got your father as well. All we can do is pray they don’t hurt him too much.”


A 100 word story for this week’s prompt from Friday Fictioneers.

Its also day 13 of my Drabble Project
(100 x 100 word stories in the month of October).
Story 33.

One Way


“Been here long mate?”

“Couple of days, what about you?”

“Just arrived. Any idea what’s causing the queue?”

“Apparently they’ve just introduced a second security gate.”

“Why’s that? I thought once you got past the front gate that was it, you were in.”

“That’s how it used to be. Story goes that Peter has been lax with his checks and they’ve had some undesirables slip in. So they’re now doing this second check, an in-depth scan of your soul, make sure you’ve no hidden sins.”

“And if you have?”

“See that lift over there. Only goes one way – down.”


Day 10 of my Drabble Project (100 x 100 word stories in the month of October).
Story 27.