Dialogue Only Stories

It’s Snowing

“It’s freezing out there Jimmy, and it’s started snowing. Why don’t we give it a miss and go down the pub instead.” “No chance mate! The boss was insistent, said it had to be tonight, and what the boss says, we do.” “Suppose so, but why tonight?” “All to do with the weather Billy. Seems […]


The Naughty Chair

“Billy, what is it with you? I’m forever telling you to clean your bedroom and still you take no notice. You know what this means?” “No mum, please, not the chair.” “It’s for your own good. Twenty minutes on the naughty chair will give you time to think about doing as your told.” “But mum, […]


Alien Invasion

“Sir! While you were out for lunch an alien leader contacted us. Wanted to talk to you.” “Did he say what he wanted, Jenkins?” “Something about planning to invade Earth later on today. Felt he ought to let you know in advance.” “Jolly decent of him. Did he say when exactly?” “He suggested some time this […]