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The Last Man On Earth

Apparently I’m the last man on earth.

It would appear that some kind of virus has wiped out mankind – well mankind minus me, that is. There’d been dire warnings about it but nobody had taken a lot of notice, we’d heard it all before. Turns out this one was for real. It was frightening how quickly it happened. You could be walking down the street and literally watch people drop down dead in front of you.

That was two months ago. Since then I’ve travelled around much of Europe. The same scene wherever I go, lots of dead bodies and an eerie silence.

I’ve no idea why the virus left me alone, lucky I suppose, or unlucky, depends how you look at it. I used to believe in God but now, I’m not sure. I’ve got so many unanswered questions. I mean if there is a God then why this? Why has he spared me? What am I supposed to do? Even Adam had Eve, I’ve got nobody.

Keeping myself alive is easy, there’s no shortage of food and drink and I can live wherever I like. The problem is the loneliness. There are only so many conversations you can have with yourself. Every now and again I think I catch a glimpse of someone in the shadows but there’s never anyone there, just my imagination yearning for the impossible.

I’ve started popping into any churches I come across. I’m working on the theory that I should find God in one of them, surely. In desperation I’ve even started talking to him again. In the old days it was something I did privately. Now I do it out loud. Once I used to be reverential now I tell him what I really think and I don’t hold back on the bad language. I just wish he would talk back, get angry even.

Once or twice, when the isolation really gets to me, I’ve been tempted to end it all. At those darkest times I feel as if I’m losing my mind completely. Then I stop and realize that if I go, if I give up, then that’s it, the end of the human race. I can’t let that happen.

So I’ve got no choice really. I’ve started leaving notes in each of the churches that I visit just in case God drops by when I’m not there. I’m hoping that he’s going to give me a sign soon, let me in on his grand plan. There has to be a plan – doesn’t there? I can’t just be the last man on earth. Can I?


Two New Members


Two New Members

“This ain’t right Billy. Robbing a Church is a sin, we’ll end up going to Hell.”

“Stop whining Jimmy. You’re forgetting, this isn’t a Church it’s the house attached to a Church, so that makes it OK. Now give me a hand with this box.”

“I still don’t like it mate and that picture’s giving me the creeps. That Bishop bloke keeps watching us, his eyes are following me. I’m sure he’s trying to tell us something. Look at him.”

“Jimmy Smith! It’s a picture. Just some stupid, bloody picture! Now stop your whingeing and help me get this box open. I reckon it’s going to be full of silver candlesticks and other valuable stuff they use in Church. That’s what the rumours say. We’ll be rich. It’ll be our best haul yet. Might even be able to retire.”

The Bishop watched the two young men drag the box across the floor.  He’d been here nigh on two hundred years and it was rumours of his treasure that lured people to this place. He tried his best to warn them but his screams went unnoticed. None of them ever heard him. Probably best just to let them get on with it. In the end, what they reap from their greed, will be no more than what they deserve. But still the Bishop screamed out another warning.

“Did you hear that Billy? Like a muffled scream coming from that picture. Reckon that Bishop fellow is trying to tell us something. I think we should get out of here mate, while we still can.”

“Bloody hell Jimmy! I’m beginning to wonder why I brought you along. You’ve done nothing but moan the whole time we’ve been here. Trust me, that picture’s not talking. You’re just a little jittery mate, first time nerves, happens to us all. Now stopping looking at that picture and hand me the crowbar. Should be able to get this lid off nice and quick. With any luck will be down at the Nags Head in time for last orders.”

The Bishop sighed. Just like so many before them. If only they knew what they were doing. Despite himself, he continued screaming, but to no avail. The lure of the box had completely taken over. He watched as they prised open the large wooden chest. The older one, the leader, leaned forward and opened its great, heavy lid. Both men looked in.

The Bishop looked away. Despite having witnessed this scene so many times it still sickened him. He heard their muffled screams and could picture the long, shiny tentacles, wrapping themselves around the two thieves, and dragging them slowly into the box. After a while, silence descended once more, and the great lid closed itself. The creature he’d once sold his soul to, had gathered two more to his flock.


‘A Bolt Of Lightning’ – A 100 Word Story For Friday Fictioneer

An interesting photo prompt for this week’s Friday Fictioneer.


A Bolt Of Lightning

“Are you sure about this Billy?”

“I’m telling you mate, it’ll be a doddle. We climb this old tree, nick the lead off the roof and then disappear.”

“But Billy, it’s a church.”

“So what. You expecting a bolt of lightning from above or something? Come on, we’ll be long gone before anyone realises it’s missing.”

The tree watched the two young men and smiled, it had been such a long time, bolts of lightning were the least of their worries.  As the official guardian of the church it had the right to devour any one it thought a threat.