Short Story Books

I am a great lover of short stories, especially very short stories. So far I have self-published three short story books.

Tiny Stories

A collection of short stories, each exactly 100-words long. This type of story is sometimes known as a Drabble.

This book contains one hundred bite-sized tales that give you pause for thought or make you laugh with delight.

Read a letter to the tooth fairy; find out if Goldilocks killed the three bears; discover what happens to those old memories in your head… and much more!

Hint Of A Story

hint fiction (n): A story of 25 words or fewer that suggest a larger, more complex story.

In this book there are 100 very, very short stories, all exactly 25-words long. Here is one of them…

The freezer wasn’t big enough for Brian’s bumper crop of raspberries. Maybe if he removed Maureen’s head that might give him the room he needed.

Don’t Mention The Shed

‘Don’t Mention The Shed’ is one of the twenty-six intriguing short tales in this collection of short tales. We meet George and his delightful wife, both of whom are not quite what you would expect.

These short stories take you on a series of journeys. From a world where failing your exams can be deadly, to finding out what happens when you do ‘the unmentionable. Some of these stories will make you smile, others may bring a tear to your eye.

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