Poetry Books

Children’s poet, David Horner and I have started collaborating over the creation of poetry books with a difference!

All Good Things

An utterly brilliant collection of fantastic poems from children’s poet, David Horner.

48 poems in total, answering important questions like – Why does Mrs Duckett have a big sick bucket? Why do teachers make us sit on our bottoms? Is a guinea-pig a pig? What is the best medicine in the world? What is an Alphabed? What does the word orange rhyme with?

QR Codes – As you read the poems, you’ll spot some small black and white squares – 10 in all – on some of the pages. These are QR codes and if you have a smart phone or a tablet, you can use the code each time to get to a video of David reading the poem – in some truly astonishing disguises . Here is an example:

The 26

A unique poetry book and colouring book combined.

On each page there is the letter of the alphabet on an intricate pattern for you to colour. There is also a short poem in which the letter speaks for itself, telling you something of its actual life, both past and present.

Each of the poems is written in a different poetic form, taken from different cultures and centuries. The book contains details and explanations of each of these forms, as well as some fascinating facts about our alphabet.

Bonus – Scan the QR code at the end of the book to access your free version of The 26 – Talking Book read by the poet, David Horner.

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