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When Twitter Was Smaller!

Here are a series of Twitter stories I wrote back in the day when the maximum length was 140 characters!!

Twitter Fiction by Mike Jackson from Stories In Your Pocket

If You Can Read This Tattoo You're Too Close - Twitter Fiction by Mike Jackson


He Started Small

As a kid he’d liked blowing things up. He’d started small. Gunpowder from a firework saw Action Man’s head fly off. Later, watching Gran’s urn explode had been fun. Now he did it for real. Insurance scams, unwanted wives, he wasn’t fussy – and the pay was good.

Mike Jackson

A 47-word story for this week’s ‘Monday’s Writing Prompt’

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Our New Teacher

Our new teacher was, in every respect, a fearsome looking creature. In particular our eyes were drawn to the large spot, oozing green puss, stuck on the end of her nose. When she sneezed, we would dive beneath our desks, as goblets of this gruesome stuff splattered across the classroom.


A 50-word sorry for this Week’s ‘Monday’s Writing Prompt’.