Welcome to the library!

Below you will find a brief outline of the books I have self-published. Click on the title of each section or one of the books to find out more.

Short Stories

Presently I have three books. Tiny Stories – a book of 100-word stories; Hint Of a Story – a book of Hint Fiction (25-word stories); Don’t Mention The Shed – a collection of longer short stories.

Poetry Books

Books written in collaboration with my Goodeyedeers partner, David Horner. Both books include unique QR codes.

Colouring Books For Adults

A selection of colouring books for adults with detailed patterns and pictures to colour. Click on the title above to see inside some of these books.

Children’s Colouring Books

A selection of colouring books for children. Ideal for younger children.

Pocket Sized Colouring Books

A collection of small colouring books designed to fit in your bag or pocket and use anytime, anywhere.

Notes, Quotes & Colouring Book

A collection of notebooks with inspirational quotes and a selection of colouring pages.

A4 Lined Notebooks

A selection of A4 lined notebooks with Japanese themed covers.

Fun Notebooks

A series of notebooks with fun comments on the front cover.