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News At Ten

“Are you going to lead on this one or shall I?”

“I think you should do it. You’re good with the bad news. For some reason people take it better from you.”

“Shall I go straight to it or maybe have a gentle lead in? What do you think?”

“We’re on a tight schedule here. According to the top scientists that meteorite is going to hit us in ten minutes from now. You need to give it to them straight and with any luck we might just have time to squeeze in a quick weather report before the planet explodes.”

Mike Jackson

A 100-word story for this week’s prompt at Friday Fictioneers.


A writer of short stories.

10 thoughts on “News At Ten

  1. In my Emergency Communications training, they deal with this issue. We’re advised that “in the event of a catastrophic incident: i.e. meteor, nuclear, etc, that it is most advisable not to tell the public and thus create panic.” So…it’s better they should die totally unaware???? Well, maybe so. Anyway, love your take on it.

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