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I’m Leaving 


She remembered the beginning, how he had tried so hard to straighten her out, to drag her screaming from the abyss. That’s love for you, but it never lasts.  Her  demands for his constant attention had stretched his patience to breaking point. Last night he’d told her he was leaving.

Now she lay in bed watching the dark clouds roll across the sky remembering their final hours together. She’d pleaded with him to stay, all to no avail. She looked down at the blood soaked blade. Now that he was gone, what was there to keep her from following him?


My Drabble Project – Day 31 Story 100

6 thoughts on “I’m Leaving 

  1. Congratulations on your 100 ! I’ve saved the link & I’ll be back to read more! I hope you publish – I belong to Melbourne Writer’s Social Group (Australia) and I write short, flash & micro fiction myself. I love reading others’ – yours are fantastic! Very inspiring, Mike.


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