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Happy Birthday 


It was my 80th birthday. A very special day. With the smoke from the birthday candles still wafting across the room I gave each of my children and my many grandchildren a wave and a smile. It was time. Behind me, lights buried in the floor started to shine, producing a perfect circle. I turned round and stepped into it.  There was a loud cheer from my friends as they watched me lie down on the floor. Almost immediately a large, plastic dome dropped gently from the ceiling, completely encapsulating my prone body. The process had begun. Time to regenerate.


My Drabble Project – Day 25 Story 79


3 thoughts on “Happy Birthday 

  1. Hi Mike. I am really enjoying your 100 word stories. Some very dark like the mother killing herself after she found out her husband killed (or worse?) her daughter and some with a scientific bent such as this. I think this is my fav in the last couple of days. It’s an interesting concept, living to a certain year of your life and then regenerating and becoming young again. Does that mean you are a baby for a new family again? Do you remember your past lives and family?
    Great job!


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