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Friends and Family 


Things had changed dramatically since the invasion. Had he been more alert in those early days he would have fled when he’d had the chance but, as usual, he’d dithered and ended up being part of the first cohort to be rounded up by the invading troops. Betraying his friends and family had been easier than he’d thought it would be. The whiskey helped him sleep at night as did the thought of what they might do to him if he went against them. The offer of a senior position in the new administration had also been a great incentive.


My Drabble Project – Day 21, Story 59


One thought on “Friends and Family 

  1. I’m so sad. It’s heartbreaking he would betray his friends and family for a position of leadership and a bottle of whisky. I hope that keeps him warm and happy at night when his guilt emerges.


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