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Twitter Fiction


Have you ever tried writing Twitter Fiction – a story in 140 characters or less?

The Guardian  challenged some well-known writers – from Ian Rankin and Helen Fielding to Jeffrey Archer and Jilly Cooper – to come up with a story of up to 140 characters.

It is great fun and challenging. For a while I’ve been following various daily prompts such as #ThePush and #microprompt. Recently I decided to set up my own at #goodeyedeers. Every day I put out a word to be used in a very short story.

To fit in with my background as a retired teacher I decided to take the words from the English National Curriculum Word List – a list of spellings that children in Years 3 & 4 have to learn. I wanted to give the ‘list’ more relevance than just words children are forced to learn!

Here are some of my offerings to date (I’ve highlighted the prompt word).

The knowledge that it was your fault was tearing me apart. I could either tell someone or kill you myself. I chose the latter.

I knew that any minute now he’d stop hitting me, burst into tears and apologise profusely. Any minute now…

Heard her again last night, whispering in the shadows. Wish now I’d cut her tongue out before I buried her in the basement.

Just borrowed this talking book from the library. It was great to begin with but now I can’t shut the bloody thing up!

Just found a large bottle of George’s marvellous medicine. All I need now is to find out where Grandma is hiding.



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