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“I’m telling you Jimmy, I’ve had enough. Every bloody day this happens. You and me do all the hard work and all we get is leftovers.”

“Keep your voice down Billy, he’ll hear you.”

“I don’t care. I’m telling you, things need to change around here, or I’m off.”

“He won’t like that mate. You know how he gets when people threaten to leave. Nobody ever leaves, not of their own accord anyway. Why don’t you just finish your meal? You’ll feel better afterward.”

“But it’s not fair Jimmy. Look at what we’ve got here. Half a mangled arm and the bottom part of a scrawny leg. There’s not enough meat here to keep one of us going let alone both of us.”

“Yeah I know but he is the boss Billy. He’s the one who decides who gets what. Where would we be without him?”

“A lot less hungry to start with. Look at him sat over there. He must have at least three plump torsos, a dozen good legs, and three juicy looking heads. And it was us who got them for him!”

“Be fair Billy. It was him who knew about this place. We’d never have found it ourselves.”

“OK, but where was he when you and me were chasing these people through the forest? Where was he when one of them pulled out that shotgun? Look at this hole in my head. It’s going to take days before it starts to mend and then it won’t be perfect. I’ll be scarred for life.”

“I don’t think another hole in your head is going to do much for your looks, one way or another Billy, do you? If you’re so worried about not getting your fair share why don’t you go and talk to him? Ask him for more.”

“Me! You must be joking. Have you forgotten what he did to young Oliver when he asked for more? Still turns what’s left of my stomach whenever I think about it. No, I think you’re probably right Jimmy, I’ll feel better after we’ve eaten. Pass us that leg will you? I’ll give it another chew.”




Now that I'm retired I have more time to devote to writing my blog and creating short stories.

I look forward to reading your comments

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