Time For A Change


The latest report on planet Earth made very distressing reading. Despite repeated warnings the people on this insignificant planet were still making an unholy mess of things. Wars, famine, greed, lust – all getting worse by the day. It was as if history had taught them nothing. He wouldn’t have minded so much if he hadn’t cared, but he had. He’d lost count of the number of warnings he’d sent them over the years. There was that great flood, for instance, with that chap Noah. You’d think that would have been warning enough. Then there had been no end of plagues and famines, but still they didn’t learn. He’d even sent some of his best people down to them offering advice and guidance, but  most of it fell on deaf ears.

The powers that be, had lost patience with him, he was being replaced. His ‘Saving Mankind’ project had been declared a failure and he was being moved on. The new job title sounded fancy but everyone knew he was being side lined, made a scapegoat for Earth’s failings. Within hours of his resignation a new creator had been appointed. Some young thing, keen to make a name for himself. The word was that he’d  already sent in a specially trained Angel task force, who had successfully implemented a scorched earth strategy. Everything on the old Earth had been eliminated, ready for a fresh start. The young creator had some radical ideas about what the new Earth would look like.



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