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Mr. Hoskins


Have you looked at yourself in a mirror lately Hoskins?

To be absolutely frank man, your an absolute mess. Look at those trousers? Is that paint on the leg? As for your physique, well to be honest, I’m lost for words. Whatever weight training you’ve been doing isn’t working. Look at those arms man. All that muscle, yet your six pack seems to be missing a can or two.

The head is just about acceptable. I like the fact that it’s detached but a bit of blood and a few trailing entrails wouldn’t go amiss. The missing hands is a nice touch, though I do wonder how you’ll carry your head around.

If you want me to carry on acting as your agent then you need to get yourself sorted out. Smarten yourself up, get your body in trim and make yourself a little more scary, then I might be able to get you some haunting work.


A story for this week’s prompt at VisDare.



Now that I'm retired I have more time to devote to writing my blog and creating short stories.

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