Posted in Flash Fiction

A Perfect Picture


What do you think? Apparently these two have just got hitched – made them the ideal couple.

Got the outfits out of an old trunk in the loft. Not a perfect fit but good enough. The bow tie’s mine and those earrings are some that Clara don’t use no more. Shall have to throw them away when we’re finished.

Both needed a good scrub to get them in this state. Surprising just how dirty you can get working in them fields all day.

Had to take a few shots before we got this one. Don’t think they’d ever seen a camera before. That flashlight scared the living daylights out of them. Still, it was worth it.

I’ll send copies of this photo back to the old country and write some bullshit about how well we treat our workers over here. Should keep those anti-slavery do-gooders off my back for a bit longer.


A story for this week’s prompt over at VisDare


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