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If only I could remember the actual words I’d used. Maybe saying them backwards would get those things down from the ceiling. He always made magic look so easy. A few words here and a nonchalant wave of his wand, was all it seemed to take. How come it hadn’t worked for me? He’ll be furious when he gets back. Some wizards would see the funny side of all this, but he won’t. Humour has never been one of his strong points. What I need is a spell to make myself disappear. On second thoughts, I think I’ll just run.


A 100 word story for Friday Fictioneers.



Now that I'm retired I have more time to devote to writing my blog and creating short stories.

20 thoughts on “Help!

  1. Magic it always seems to bring trouble in its wake. The spell that he needs is [pleh] said in a pleading voice. It usually works for me.


  2. Haha reminds me of Mickey Mouse in Fantasia: The Sorcerer’s Apprentice. Might be better off running though 🙂


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