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Sally Jones

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“Can you see the girl Billy? Her standing out there in the river.”

“Of course I can Jimmy. I’m not blind. Now, are we going or not?”

“Hang on Billy, we can’t just ignore her.”

“Just leave it mate. If we hurry we’ll get a pint in before the pub closes.”

“Are you not curious Billy? I mean, who is she?”

“I know who she is Jimmy. Her name’s Sally Jones and we’re best not getting involved. Now, can we please go?”

“You’re a heartless bastard Billy Smith. I’m going to see if she’s OK.”

“I wouldn’t do that Jimmy, not if you…”

But Jimmy wasn’t listening. As he strode into the water the girl turned. On the river bank Billy looked away in case her eyes met his. He kept them shut until the noise of the splashing subsided. When he opened them the river was still and empty save for a pool of blood floating on the surface.


A 160 word story for the latest VisDare photo prompt.


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