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Finding An Audience

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“Words, once they are printed, have a life of their own.” – Carol Burnett

In last week’s ‘Wednesday Post’ I talked about the ideas expressed by Austin Kleon regarding sharing your work and the processes behind it, as a way of developing your creativity.

I have always believed that to be a writer you must be prepared to share your writing with an audience. The joy of living in a digital world means that doing this is relatively easy. The main audience for my flash fiction are the readers of my blog. I have also experimented with finding other audiences.


SlideShare is a way of creating and sharing powerpoint presentations. In their ‘blurb’ they talk about –

“80% of SlideShare’s 70 million visitors come through targeted search. This can help you build your reputation with the right audience and cultivate more professional opportunities.”

Two years ago I had an idea to put some very, very short stories into a powerpoint and upload it to SlideShare. These stories were exactly 33 words long and there were ten of them in total. Here is one of them:

Dear Tooth Fairy

These teeth aren’t all mine. Three of them belong to my baby brother, Jimmy. He cried a bit when I pulled them out but he’s much better now.



It has had 4,441 views and has been downloaded 95 times.

Haiku Deck

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Haiku Deck is a great tool for helping you to create your presentations. It gives you access to thousands of creative common photos to use in your presentations. All the ones I put up on SlideShare started out as Haiku Deck presentations. Here is one containing some of my ‘Twitter Stories’.

What audience are you writing for?

Mike Jackson




Now that I'm retired I have more time to devote to writing my blog and creating short stories.

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