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Holiday Excitement

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I never tired of this sight. As a kid I used to get really excited when we came over the brow of the hill and I caught my first glimpse of the Universe stretching out as far as the eye could see. Another forty minutes and we would be at the ferry port, well ahead of time.

“You kids excited?” I called out.

James and Sammy ignored me. They were plugged into the latest movie and were oblivious to everything around them.

“Hey, you two!” I shouted, “I’m talking to you.”

Sammy unhooked her augmented reality visor.

“Sorry dad, did you say something?”

“I was asking you and your brother if you were excited. Look, we’re almost there.”

“Dad, you ask us the same thing every year. We’re going to spend a week in a caravan on Pluto, just like we do every year. What’s there to be excited about?


A 150 word story for this week’s VisDare prompt.

5 thoughts on “Holiday Excitement

  1. Mike, besides your imagination and sense of humour, I also always enjoy the little important details you touch into your wonderful writing. Here “augmented reality visor” gives us a hint that something extraordinary is on the horizon. :))


  2. Hi Mike, for the past 2 days I’ve taken one of your ‘shorts’ with me as I dive into the day. They’ve been a trigger for making the ordinary day, extraordinary. Thank you


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