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A Classy Lady


This week’s photo prompt is provided by (free to use images)

“What have we got sergeant?”

“Two bodies sir. Looks like the one under the car has been crushed and the other one’s had his head stoved in.”

“And the car?”

“Name’s Henrietta. A vintage. Quite a looker in her day apparently. Neighbours say she tends to keep herself to herself.”

“What does she say happens here?”

“Claims it was self defence sir. Says these two guys wouldn’t take no for an answer. Reckons when the older one slid underneath her and started tinkering she lost it and crushed him. Then the younger one tried to disconnect her battery and she hit him over the head with her bonnet.”

“Best call in the recovery truck sergeant and take her down to the station. And sergeant, make sure you play it by the book, a classy piece like her is going to have expensive lawyers.”

MikeJackson©2016             (Word Count 143)

A story for this week’s prompt at Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers.



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