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Your Carriage Awaits


“I don’t like to complain but shouldn’t this be a large white carriage pulled by for magnificent black stallions?”

“What’s that dear? Sorry, wasn’t listening. It’s this new wand of mine. Bloody useless it is. My fault, should’ve gone to the proper suppliers instead trying to save money on Ebay. What were you saying dear?”

“The transport. It’s not exactly what I was expecting.”

“I know dear. As I was saying it’s this new wand. You saw for yourself I had all the right ingredients, the pumpkin, the rats and I know for sure I used the right words. But somehow we ended up with this wreck. Still, no matter, as long as it does the job.”

“But that’s the point Fairy Godmother, it’s not. We’ve been stuck here for two hours now. We’ve already missed the start of the ball.”

“Fear not Cinderella, my dear. Everything’s going to be just fine. In the mean time I wonder if you’d mind getting out and giving us a push. Might just help to get this thing going. Then we’ll be at the ball in no time. That’s as long as I can get this SatNav thing to work.”


This story is inspired by the photo prompt from Sunday Photo Fiction, January 17th 2016.  



20 thoughts on “Your Carriage Awaits

  1. I’ve told you this before and I’ll say it again: I simply adore it when you write re-imagined versions of fairy tales! So creative and inspiring!


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