Posted in Micro Fiction

A Problem Shared



Ron was a nice enough bloke but he had this nasty habit of leaving you with his problems. As we sat drinking coffee he whispered,

“Peter, I’ve got this little problem. Wondered if you might help?”

I frowned but before I could say a word he took the problem out of his pocket. It looked innocent enough, small thing it was, curled up in the palm of his hand.  It looked so harmless and for a second I hesitated but I knew it wouldn’t stay like that. Small problems, especially Ron’s, had a tendency to become big problems and take over your life. I had to be firm,

“Sorry mate, normally I’d love to help, but I’ve problems of my own, what with Maureen and her mother. I’m afraid you’ll have to take that one back with you.”





Now that I'm retired I have more time to devote to writing my blog and creating short stories.

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