“I’m telling you Billy it’ll be fine. Trust me. Look what it’s done for me. I feel great!”

I’m not sure Jimmy. I mean, ‘immortality’, that’s a lot to get your head round. What if we get bored with it?”

“You won’t mate, honest. The bloke who introduced me to it said it was absolutely marvellous.”

“But won’t it hurt Jimmy. You know what I’m like. I don’t do pain very well. Not since that episode with the dentist.”

“Trust me my friend, this will be nothing like the dentist, you’ll hardly notice it. A little bite on the neck, followed by a few minutes of light-headedness, then you’ll feel wonderful. Now, are you ready or not?”



4 thoughts on “Immortality

  1. Intriguing Mike. Is it true? Will it work?

    Can I ask you to contact me? I have a question for you about radio interviews.

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