Flashing Blue Light

Copyright Jean L. Hays


Came here for a coffee. Something to do.

Thought they’d be here by now. Wonder what’s keeping them?

Funny how today’s turning out. Should’ve been meeting Marj. We were  going to check out that new place in town. Then this morning happened.

A slap or two from you first thing is not unusual. But today something inside me snapped.

Don’t remember picking up the knife. All a bit vague.

Surely they’ve your body by now. All that blood on the front door.

Wonder if I’ve time for another latte or is that a flashing blue light I can see outside?


A 100 word story for Friday Fictioneers.


12 thoughts on “Flashing Blue Light

  1. This is both very chilling and haunting at the same time. Doing so much with so little words is a talent, and I think you’ve got it. Great short, Mike :))

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