Lady Caroline Lamb

I read an article this morning from Austin Kleon’s Newsletter about an intriguing way of writing very short stories. A chap called Jez Burrows has started writing ‘Dictionary Stories’ where he has been … “experimenting with writing very, very short stories made up entirely of the example sentences given for words in the dictionary, with nothing added except a little punctuation to piece them together.” So I downloaded the Oxford Dictionary of English app and had a go. (The underlined words were the ones I looked up in the dictionary.)

aa27d9deafaf176c99e5489b91e2af6dLady Caroline Lamb. One of his sophisticated London women. She was small and scrawny and the sinews in her neck stood out. A woman was supposed to stand by her man come what may. She stood still, heart hammering. She had to keep calm at all costs. Sampson was a small man, standing 5 ft 4 in tall. He stared at her in amazement.  Glass cracked at the sound of a pistol shot. The bullet entered his stomach. She fell to her knees and began to weep.



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