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Endangered Species


I’ve had a quick swim around lads and as far as I can make out we’re all that’s left, just the three of us. Reckon we’ve become one of their endangered species, not that they care. Another part of the ocean and shoreline went down last night. Nobody seemed to notice. I don’t think it’ll be long before their earth-moving machines get round to us. Heard a group of them talking this morning, apparently, they call this progress. Their population is growing so fast they need all the space they can get to house them. But what about us?


A 100 Word Story for Friday Fictioneers


28 thoughts on “Endangered Species

  1. Mike, you have the most unique ability to find the point of view that others miss. I enjoy your writing (as hopefully you know by now) and this one is even more special to me because the prompt photo was taken in Vancouver, British Columbia where I live. I will think of your words often as I look towards the space where that elegant mural used to be. A wow, sir!


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