They Missed The Light.


This was their first clean up job and I was here to assess their efficiency. A clean bill of health from me and we’d use them again. I ran through my assessment form. First impressions were very good. Everything was extremely neat and tidy. Possibly too tidy? I made a note. Broken furniture had been suitably repaired or replaced. The body had been removed and there were no visible signs of blood on the floor, walls or ceiling. Hang on, what’s that? Shit! One of the lightshades covered in blood. Such a shame. I’d had high hopes for this team.


A 100 Word Story for Friday Fictioneers


5 thoughts on “They Missed The Light.

  1. I want to know if they’re cleaning up before or after the police arrive on the scene. I’m imagining a new business opportunity for cleaning contractors. Clever story.

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