What A Mess!


“Look what he’s done Billy! Sure made a mess of the bridge.”

“Hasn’t he just Jimmy. Never thought he had it in him.”

“Don’t think it was our fault do you Billy? I mean we did give him a hard time.”

“No, course not Jimmy. We were just mucking about. Teasing him like. How were we to know he’d take it so seriously. I mean, what’s the harm in a bit of tripping and trapping on an old bridge. Not our fault he was so grumpy and short of sleep.”

“I know Billy but we should’ve thought. You know how bad tempered these trolls can get.”

“Maybe you’re right Jimmy but it’s a bit late now and we’ve got more important things to worry about. Once this dust clears and he realises we’ve escaped he’ll be up here looking for us and he won’t be happy. Best we keep moving.”


Visual Dare



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