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Photo Source

“Let’s start a zoo,” he’d said.

“Yeah, what a great idea,” I’d replied.

As usual he hadn’t been listening, not properly listening. The daft sod mistook my irony for enthusiasm and here we are. Of course it’s muggins here that does all the work.

You’ll never find him with a shovel, knee-deep in elephant shit. Oh no, he’s too good for all that. Got his own uniform and a peaked cap. Spends all day by the front gate welcoming the paying guests and chatting up that blond tart he’s got working in Reception. No doubt he’s plying her with a skinny latte and a chocolate éclair right now. While I’m lucky to find the time for a quick fag and a mug of tea.

On top of all that I get lumbered with the misfits. Take young Jumbo here for example. Silly bugger thinks I’m his mother.


Visual Dare



One thought on “Mummy

  1. Hi Mike, popped over here to see what you’ve been working on. I love how you can find the pitch-perfect voice for your characters. I can hear (or is it ‘ear) the accent and imagine the full life of this woman. A great fit to the photo. Well done as always :))

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