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What Are You Drinking?


“What the hell are you drinking Jimmy?”

“Guava juice mate.”

“Guava juice! You’re joking.”

“Hones mate, you should try it, amazing stuff. One glass and the women will be all over me. Watch.”

Jimmy knocked the drink back. Within minutes blood oozed from his eyes and ears. Every woman in the place turned and stared at him. Then, in a wild frenzy, they charged, fangs glistening.





Now that I'm retired I have more time to devote to writing my blog and creating short stories.

15 thoughts on “What Are You Drinking?

  1. Ooh! Must have been a really good and ripe guava, then! Either that, or Ebola. I’ll make sure to skip the guava at the buffet next time. hehe

    Damn, this piece is so good! I’m jealous of your wit!


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