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Feeling Peckish

Copyright - Melanie Greenwood
Copyright – Melanie Greenwood

“Third one this week sir. Molly Jenkins. Went in with two friends. They got separated. She’s not been seen since. We’ve searched the place – found nothing. Just like the others.”

“How the hell did this happen sergeant! Thought I told you to flatten this place. Stop this from happening.”

“That’s the thing sir. Had bulldozers in all last night. Pulled the whole lot out. Came here this morning to find it was all back, like nothing had happened.”

As the two men stared at the maze they heard a large growl emanate from the centre. It was hungry again.


A 100-word story for Friday Fictioneers


13 thoughts on “Feeling Peckish

  1. We need to extract the DNA from these hedges and see if we can identify the renewal strain in it, separating it out from the evil within. Imagine the possibilities. Food growing overnight and feeding the world’s hungry!



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