The Tambourine Man

You could just make it out, somewhere near the bottom of the stairs, a gently tapping sound and a faint jingling of bells. It was the Tambourine Man. The bells rang louder, the tapping became more frenzied as he got closer. Huddled under our quilts, we muttered a prayer, not daring to look. The music stopped. The door opened. Who would the Tambourine Man choose tonight?




8 thoughts on “The Tambourine Man

  1. Ooh! No! Never hide under the covers! I’ve seen far too many of those movies to know that the second it gets quiet and your head is covered, you’re next. Nope!

    lol Great piece! I was reading this, and somewhere in my head I was wondering where this was going, and then it hit me, and it made me uncomfortable, and I think that is the sign of a great piece!

  2. Wow! That’s spooky. That’s a different kind of tambourine man than the kind I always imagined. It’s all the more chilling because you can hear him coming. Excellent work!

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