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I’ve Been Looking Forward To This

Greed by Liol
Greed by Liol

I’ve Been Looking Forward To This

He was making the most of this, gloating over his victory, savouring every moment.

We’d always known it was going to be a tight contest but had prayed for a better outcome. The rules had always been simple, ‘winner takes all’ and he’d won.

Despite all our efforts the people had slowly but surely turned against us. The resulting greed, violence, hypocrisy, we’re exactly what he’d wanted. Once the seeds were sown he used every trick in the book to turn the people against us. Making wild, tantalising promises that he never intended keeping.

We tried to tell them but they wouldn’t listen. Whatever we had to offer seemed so paltry  in comparison. In the end we’d lost all but a handful of faithful souls and had no choice but to admit defeat.

Our esteemed leader made an impassioned speech, graceful as ever, even when admitting defeat. Lucifer hardly listened, his impatience quite disgusting.

So here we are, watching helplessly,  as he slowly devours the world we so lovingly created.


A story for this week’s Sunday Picture Press


4 thoughts on “I’ve Been Looking Forward To This

  1. It is sad that those that can be trusted seem to be outnumbered by those that can’t. It is scary to think that the winner can just devour us all like a plate of beef and that he won by turning us against ourselves!


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