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Another Bloody Hole!

A welcome return of Sunday Picture Press. Some great photo prompts, check them out.

Unknown title or artist
Unknown title or artist

Another Bloody Hole!

‘Well Peter, any idea how it happened?’

‘Appears it was an accident sir. Two male Angels fighting over some female and one of their lightning bolts went astray. I’ve got them both locked up waiting for your instructions. I thought maybe a severe reprimand and a week in the other place might teach them a lesson.’

‘Best make it a fortnight Peter. We don’t want the others thinking we’re going soft. And have a word with the female as well, make sure she did nothing to provoke all of this. Now, what news on the damage?’

‘Our reports show that it was fairly minimal sir. Obviously the bolt left a somewhat large hole in the domes wall but casualties on Earth were only slight. It would appear the bolt of lightning hit a Church just outside of a place called Birmingham. Twenty injured and being cared for in the local hospital and seven dead.’

‘Make sure the dead are given VIP treatment as soon as they arrive Peter, it’s the least we can do. Oh and Peter, if any of the seven were meant to be going to the other place can you make the necessary changes to their records to ensure they get in here. No need to let him down there know. He’s not going to miss a few lost souls. Now what about the damage to the dome?’

‘It’s being taken care of as we speak sir. Unfortunately there was some leakage, nothing we could do about it really, given the circumstances.’

‘So what are the consequences?”

‘It means the planet will be in for some pretty nasty storms over the next few weeks. We’re looking at further melting of the ice gaps, more flooding and hurricanes. Our initial calculation is that the death toll across the whole planet could be between 1.5 million and 2 million. I’ve alerted the staff here that we could be in for a busy time with new arrivals. Do you want me to inform him below sir?’

‘I suppose so. Though it galls me to think that it was our Angels that are going to be responsible for a surge in his numbers. He’ll enjoy reminding me of that. When you’ve done that Peter have a stern word with all the young Angels. Remind them of the trouble I had creating that world below and the difficulties we have in keeping the fragile infrastructure viable. Any more accidental damages to that protective dome could prove to be fatal.’

‘Will do sir. Oh and sir, before you leave, I was wondering if you’d had a chance to look at my report on the Pearly Gates, they are beginning to look a bit …’




Now that I'm retired I have more time to devote to writing my blog and creating short stories.

14 thoughts on “Another Bloody Hole!

  1. Oh Mike, I really do love how your imagination works! Always a fun read, never ceases to put a smile on my face. In my time away I’ve missed reading many of your stories, I may just have to wander around your blog and catch up.
    Thanks for joining in this week and I hope you continue writing for future SPP!


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