Bloody Bikes!

My late contribution to the latest Friday Fictioneer challenge.


Bloody Bikes!

It’s the same every single year! They bring those bikes with them at the start of the new academic year, lock them up by the main gate and that’s it. Once these first year students get their broomsticks they forget all about the more down to earth modes of transport. It’s OK for them gadding about here and there on them new fangled flying machines or using spells to transport themselves to the pub every night but nobody ever gives me a second thought, oh no. It’s always left to muggins here to get rid of those bloody unwanted bikes!




19 thoughts on “Bloody Bikes!

    1. The trouble is these youngsters ride those speedy broomsticks without wearing helmets – most dangerous.
      Thanks for dropping by Susan.

  1. If it’s anything like where I went to university, the bikes wouldn’t stay there more than a few days anyway before a bloke with a trailer came along and nicked them en masse. Perhaps things are different in Potter-ville though; maybe the thieves don’t bother with bikes.

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