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Unexplained Death



“What’s the story, Jones?”

“It was found this morning sir, some bloke walking his dog, saw it lying there and called us. Reckon it must have come in with last night’s tide. Just like the others, its wheels are broken and the basket has been badly damaged.”

“When forensics are finished make sure you get the doc to do a full post-mortem. Tell him it’s a priority. I want to know when it died and how. We need to find the bastard who’s doing this Jones and fast. This is the fourth supermarket trolley death we’ve had this week.”



24 thoughts on “Unexplained Death

  1. This reminds me of a story my dad told, when he had just bought the property where I grew up, before we had a house built and he was just scoping it out. Apparently someone called the police thinking there was a prowler on this abandoned lot. After he explained he was the new owner the cop was like – oh, that’s fine then. And he radioed in saying something like, Prowler is actually the owner, but found a squirrel DOA. Man, dad tells that story so much better. Much like this story which is also much better. I find it very believable though. 🙂 Good job!


  2. Mike, Hilarious. XD I can just see CSI Miami or CSI New York bringing the shopping cart into the lab for the doctor to examine. Could it be a hate crime as Bjorn suggests? Well done. 🙂



  3. Thanks for the chuckle, as well as, the statement on priorities (intended or not) Great story. Inviting you to check out my #FridayFictioneers post. Feedback very Welcome!


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