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‘Free Time’ – A 42 Word Story – Gargleblaster #159

Another intriguing prompt from ‘Gargleblaster’.

Free Time

Worry not Earthlings, time is something that need concern you no longer. Those merciless clocks that ran your lives, are no more.  Here, at the Inter Galactic Zoo, I will provide for all your needs. Trust me, you are in good hands.




26 thoughts on “‘Free Time’ – A 42 Word Story – Gargleblaster #159

  1. This just made me laugh. I’ve just had a look in your blog and I’m not sure you will have time for this, but Thomas Marlowe and me have been missing Trifecta. We got talking and one thing led to another and we have started up our own Light and Shade Challenge It would be great if you could come over and join us. Please take a look and if you have any questions or comments get in touch, we would both love to hear from you. Lyssa Medana x


  2. I think even the animals in the zoo live by a timetable and learn to expect things at certain times.
    But this was a novel approach to the prompt, a way to ask us in our own busy chaotic lives, how we’d like to be reduced to captives.

    I liked it for the thoughtful nature of that in and of itself.


  3. I sometimes have a paranoid suspicion that I am living in a “Truman Show” type of TV show. It’s just a fleeting thought, but this fed into that paranoia.


  4. Nice! I was hoping someone would take the sci-fi route with this one, but I wasn’t expecting an intergalactic zoo. Fits nicely with the Hitchhiker’s theme, though, doesn’t it? 🙂 Thanks for linking up!


  5. An interesting take… I wonder that our lives would be all that different? We’d eat at certain times and sleep at certain times. We’d be forced to be present for public viewings at certain times, to perform our tricks and get the oohs and aahs from the audience… We’d still be worked on a schedule, the timing would just no longer be ours to decide.


    1. At least we wouldn’t have to watch the clock or check our watches – somebody else would be taking care of that for us!
      Thanks for your comments.


  6. Brilliant! Immediately made me think… ‘trust me’, I’m a doctor’ and the Doctor of course is…. Dr Who, the most magnificent Time-lord of all time, regularly outwitting time itself. Only we meagre Earthlings need clocks! Thoroughly enjoyed your 42 words.


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