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Difficulty Swallowing

A story for Inspiration Monday.

Difficulty Swallowing

“Damn and blast!”

“Jimmy Smith, you mustn’t use words like that.”

”Weren’t my fault. If you hadn’t pushed me I wouldn’t have fallen over.”

“Don’t blame me Jimmy. I didn’t make you use them naughty words.”

“They aint naughty. My dad says them all the time, specially when mum talks to him while he’s watching football and he misses a goal. Then he says them real loud.”

”Then you’re dad’ll go to hell and so will you.”

“You don’t know what you’re talking about Mandy Jones. You’re just a daft girl. You’re making that up”

“No I’m not. My mum says they’re naughty words. She told me if the Devil hears you saying them more than once he’ll make your tongue swell up and you’ll choke to death. She said my dad used to use naughty words like that and that’s why he’s not with us no more.”

“Damn and blast! Damn and blast! Damn and blast! See, that’s three times I’ve said it and nothing’s happened to me. You’re trouble Mandy Jones is you’re as batty as your stupid mum.”

Mandy ran from the park in tears. She was in such a hurry to get home and tell her mum what had happened she never thought to stop and look back. If she had she would have seen poor Jimmy  writhing on the floor, waving one hand frantically in her direction and clutching his throat with the other.



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