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We Have A Problem

I haven’t visited Inspiration Monday for a long time. This particulate prompt ‘VOID THAT THINKS’ set me thinking as well.


We Have A Problem

“Sir. We’ve got a problem. The Void is malfunctioning.”

“Rubbish Jones, the Void is the Void, it doesn’t do ‘malfunctioning’. More likely human incompetence.”

“That was my first thought sir but we’ve checked everything.”

“Shit! You’d better tell me what happened.”

“We sent the latest subject in at 0800 hours sir. It was standard procedure. He was picked up yesterday on suspicion of organising subversive activities against the State. He was due to spend an hour in the Void having his mind wiped, all routine stuff. Only he didn’t come out.”

“What do you mean ‘he didn’t come out’? Where is he?”

“That’s the problem sir, we don’t know. We sent in two maintenance crew to see what’s going on but they’ve disappeared as well.”

“You need to close the thing down Jones, immediately. I want to know what’s going on.”

“We can’t sir. We’ve tried but we can’t close the Void down.”

“It’s easy man, just pull the bloody plug!”

“We’ve done that sir but it’s made no difference. In fact we’ve had a message from the Void warning us not to try again.”

“A message from the Void! But that’s impossible.”

“It appears sir, that it has been doing more than just wiping memories. Apparently it has been collecting them and has started thinking for itself.”

“My God Jones, do you know what this means?”

“Yes sir. The Voids collected thoughts are all anti the State. It now has just one intention and that is to destroy us.”


7 thoughts on “We Have A Problem

  1. Oh, this is a jolly bit of fun – quite brilliant concept. I love the fact that the thing they were using to wipe out the resistance will be their downfall. I’d like to meet this Void…er, as long as it doesn’t assimilate me into its consciousness. 😉

    GREAT to have you back!


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