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The Lift’s Working Again



We’ve been up here for almost a month now. The stairwell is barricaded and the old lift dismantled. At first, we could hear them clawing at the barricade but they couldn’t shift it.

Then, for the last week, nothing. We started to believe our nightmare was over. We’d even talked about one or two of us venturing out to see what was happening.

Then the lift started up. It’s working very slowly but we can hear them in the cage, scratching and moaning. We’re stood here, waiting for them, ready to fight but we know we’re not going to win.


This week’s 100-word story for Friday Fictioneers.


21 thoughts on “The Lift’s Working Again

  1. A lot of tension building in this scene. Well written with good description. You’re the only person who can save the good guys now. Maybe too many of the living dead have crowded into the elevator and it can’t stand the weight.


  2. I really love the idea behind this, but one thing confused me. In the beginning it said the lift was dismantled, but then it started up. Could just be me misunderstanding though.


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