‘Change’ – A 100 Word Story

I’m actually getting this week’s Friday Fictioneers 100 word story in early.

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Photo Source


When they took over the planet they said things were going to be different but we were not to worry.

Today sees the first of those changes. The sun has been replaced by their artificial, triangular one. I can see it now, rising beyond those distant trees. Its heat and light output are designed to be beneficial to us all, or so they’re saying.

Tonight we’ll see our two, new artificial moons. According to those in the know they are cube shaped and will look spectacular.

I sometimes wonder what they did with our old sun and moon and why?



47 thoughts on “‘Change’ – A 100 Word Story

  1. Good stuff, Mike. If s/he’s sometimes wondering, then at least s/he is still alive, theoretically, right? But enslaved? No? Assimilated? What? So many questions–thanks for shuttling me along in this gripping story and getting me thinking!

  2. Dear Mike,

    An orange triangle sun? Hm…reminds me of a Bradbury story where someone was trapped in another dimension and all the people were geometric shapes. Nicely done.



  3. The ‘sacred geometry’ of that red triangle is certainly proving to be an attractor in the stories this week. It is also in mine, but too subtly for people to notice! Your story ends on a question. I would like to read more of this. Ann

    1. Thanks for your comments Ann.
      I often promise myself that I will expand on some of my flash fiction – this might be one I could work on.

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