‘Muddled Minds’ – A 150 Word Story

Another wonderful photo prompt from Angela’s Visual Dare.


Muddled Minds

“If you take a look at this scan sir, it will give you an indication of the problems we’re facing. This is a young female of the species and already her mind is a  mess. This was just a snapshot of thoughts she was having earlier today. No logic to them at all. Our technicians didn’t know where to start.”

“Are they all like this Jones? What about the children?”

“They’re not much better I’m afraid sir. Seems like the teaching methods on this planet are barbaric. They fill the children’s heads with all sorts of rubbish, almost from birth?”

“What’s the prognosis then Jones? How do we move this project forward?”

“Well sir, our findings suggest it would be best to cull the whole species and start again from scratch.”

“Very well Jones, get started as soon as you can. Let’s put the poor things out of their misery.”



11 thoughts on “‘Muddled Minds’ – A 150 Word Story

  1. I think this lot our more environmentally friendly than the Vogons. They only want to get rid of us humans, not build a new highway!
    Thanks for dropping by Björn.

  2. I like this a lot, the entire concept that we fill our minds with such rubbish and another species would not find us productive to keep at all.

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